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Yes the actual aiding of Germany military transport and Steel etc was a shame, but I wouldn't call it an idictment of the country as a whole. Finland, under increasing pressure from both the United States and the Soviet Union, finally declares war on its former partner, Germany.. After the … The president faced some difficulty declaring the war even though the war would benefit Norway and it was obvious that they would succeed congress was reluctant to accept the proposal with a vote 16-13 in favor of war. Norway decided that they would take Finland first and let Sweden focus on the stronger parts of Europe down south. So yeah, Sweden stronk. This way you will have time to finish scandinavian line of german focuses with good bonuses. In german play better start from Finland and occupy Sweden from north after you will finish USSR. In my Sweden play I justufied Denmark, Norway and Finland in one day in 37 or 38 and got them fighting on three fronts same time. Sweden was friends with Germany, but then Germany's war machine kicked in and it had to make a decision: oppose it and got he same was as Finalnd and Norway, or be friendly and neutral.

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