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They lost only a fraction of their battles and they were undefeated for 125 years. Polish historian, journalist, reenactor and the foremost Winged Hussar expert. Among them were Alexander the Great, whose empire spanned from the Ionian Sea to Asia Minor, was much lauded in life as after his death for being the greatest military mastermind the world had ever known. Dr. “Radek” was the first person in the world to write a doctoral dissertation fully devoted to the subject of the Hussars and has went on to write dozens of articles and books on their rich history, battles, tactics, armament and legacy. Usually made of cheap pine or fir wood, the kopia was crafted for single-use purposes, and as such was designed with a hollowed shaft that the made weapon particularly light in its bearing. Winged Hussar’s Tactics Among the most brilliantly creative tactics that the Winged Hussars utilized was…well, their wings. The most dangerous weapon of the Hussar was undoubtedly his lance. Great Polish Warriors: The Winged Hussars Part III Battles Won and Lost Please note: This article has been amended June 29, 2011 (Additional informtion provided about horses of the Polish Winged Hussars during the 16th and 17th centuries.

A long weapon, reaching anywhere from 5 to 7 meters in legnth, was an incredibly destructive and effective weapon used for charges – a Lithuanian Hussar once killed six musketeers in one thrust. ). Before going into battle, the hussars would mount eagle, falcon, or vulture feathers to a pair of wooden frames, which they … Great Polish Warriors: The Winged Hussars Part I - Famous Battles History is filled with tales of great, heroic warriors of epochs long ago. The definitive weapon associated with the Polish Winged Hussars arguably relates to the lance, more specifically the kopia lance. Battles Before Gunpowder by Joe Krone $30.00 Thirty battles from Attila to the War of the Roses provide the reader a map of the battle, the details, the composition of the armies and bios of the commanders - all illustrated with miniatures soldiers. Also, as wikipedia kindly tells me so, these are the battles that placed the Hussars as the most dangerous cavalry in the world: Battle of Cutrea de Argesz (25 XI 1600), where the Polish army under the command of Jan Potocki, numbering 1450 soldiers (950 hussars), defeated an Italian army (7000 soldiers), commanded by Udrea(? Winged Hussars: Facts And History About The Polish Warriors, Their Armor And Military Tactics MessageToEagle.com – The Winged Hussars were one of the most effective military forces in the world.

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