Unified marketing: It’s a goal that marketers have been chasing for many years – since before the dawn of the digital marketing era. But because of some daunting challenges, including an ever-expanding number of siloed data sources and the difficulty in effectively correlating data from disparate sources together, unified marketing has remained an elusive pipe dream for many marketing organizations.

Is Big Data Overrated?

Suffice it to say that for many marketers, the reality of big data has not kept up with the promise. They’ve often found it to be varied, fragmented and difficult to use. Few marketing organizations have achieved a high level of proficiency in learning valuable insight from their data. In a 2014 survey of 313 client-side marketers, fewer than 20% of respondents say they have a strong capability for viewing and applying the data they gather from their marketing channel applications.

And even though marketers desperately want a single customer view – a comprehensive, accurate profile of the customer gathered from multiple data sources, only 14% of respondents to the previously mentioned survey report a strong capability for producing this view, though as a priority it ranks second only to building on the organization’s ability to financially justify marketing activities.

Few organizations, only 16%, have connected all of their applications to the point where they share key operational and customer data. Many companies, both large and small, have no current program in place to consolidate their user and application data.

 A Ray Of Hope

But despite the numerous and difficult challenges faced by so many organizations wanting a unified approach to marketing, there’s positive news. Most marketing teams have at least a rudimentary plan forward.

If you and your marketing team are needing an information-rich guide to help you on your path to data consolidation and integration, you will want to download your copy of The Path To Unified Marketing. This free valuable resource can help you as you seek to integrate your applications and data to unlock the hidden potential in your marketing.

This report is based on a survey of 313 client-side marketers. It examines the state of the industry, challenges to progress, and the factors involved in successfully pursuing a data unification strategy.

As you read through it, you will discover

  • One reason big data has lost some of its luster as a marketing buzzword
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  • A key requirement for marketing organizations to be effective in the digital age

In short, this unique study examining the obstacles, innovations and successes of a number of your fellow marketers as they try to maximize their technology mix and data initiatives.

If your company is on the sidelines in the game of unified marketing, you are losing ground to your competitors who are playing the game to win. If you are actively pursuing unified marketing, keep at it viagra sin receta. Unified marketing delivers some very nice benefits, including higher conversion rates.

But regardless of your current stage on your unified marketing journey, you’ll find The Path To Unified Marketing to be a useful resource that can help you enjoy greater success in your digital marketing pursuits. Download your free copy today!