Acquiring new languages and further developing existing languages is central to the IB MYP philosophy. An activity done in consecutive years with no ‘new task/challenge’ involved. Inquiry in PHE depends heavily on collaboration and communication skills to work both individually and in a community to promote a healthy lifestyle. (IBO, 2009, Pg.97). Use a variety of instruments and tools to measure data accurately MIS offers science as an integrated subject in the MYP years, approaching the strands of Physics, Chemistry and Biology as well as general topics related to the nature of science in a unit-wise approach. Students will be engaged in group activities, and especially in new roles, wherever possible. Work experience which only benefits the student. Physics is a subject of enormous breadth. The contexts selected for learning through and about movement will be different for each school, and will depend on factors such as the prior knowledge and experiences of the students; the host country of the school and the particular physical activities that are valued in the school and local community. The Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses share a common structure as each one is in 3 parts: a core of material that is studied at both Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL), additional material that is taken at HL only and options, of which two need to be studied at both SL and HL. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Work experience which only benefits the student. “In the PYP, science is viewed as the exploration of the biological, chemical and physical aspects of the natural world, and the relationships between them. Fundraising with no clearly defined end in sight. The social studies component of the curriculum also provides opportunities for students to: The knowledge component of social studies is arranged into 5 social strands: The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course, a flagship element in the Diploma Programme (DP), encourages critical thinking about knowledge itself, to try to help young people make sense of what they encounter. Mathematics Standard Level Principles and standards for school mathematics, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM 2000). These are key lenses on the ways of knowing in this subject area. develop skills specific to the discipline, engage in a process of creative exploration and (self-) discovery, make purposeful connections between investigation and practice, understand the relationship between art and its contexts, enjoy mathematics, develop curiosity and begin to appreciate its elegance and power, develop an understanding of the principles and nature of mathematics, communicate clearly and confidently in a variety of contexts, develop logical, critical and creative thinking, develop confidence, perseverance and independence in mathematical thinking and problem-solving, develop powers of generalization and abstraction, apply and transfer skills to a wide range of real-life situations, other areas of knowledge and future developments, appreciate how developments in technology and mathematics have influenced each other; the moral, social and ethical implications arising from the work of mathematicians and the applications of mathematics; the international dimension in mathematics; and the contribution of mathematics to other areas of knowledge, develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to pursue further studies in mathematics. Problem solving is at the very core of mathematics. It is an integral part of the day. The student who opts for this course may be a first language user, or someone with a very developed understanding of this language as a Second Language. This is an option for beginners (that is, students who have no previous experience of learning the language they have chosen) and is only offered at Standard Level (SL). We have a small student population, small class sizes, great resources and a strong employment package. develop inquiry skills that lead towards conceptual understandings of the relationships between individuals, societies and the environments in which they live. The PYP classroom values and supports the mother tongue and the language of instruction and provides access to other languages. Many factors determine the group 2 course that a student should take: the student’s best language, the language(s) spoken at home and at school, and any previous knowledge of the language of study. Mahindra International School is an established 3-Programme IB School in the state of Maharashtra in India. The Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses share a common structure as each one is in 3 parts: a core of material that is studied at both Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL), additional material that is taken at HL only and options, of which two need to be studied at both SL and HL. Plot P-26, MIDC Phase 1, Rajeev Gandhi Infotech Park Hinjawadi Pune 411 057, India. “Science provides opportunities for students to engage in scientific investigations by making accurate observations, handling tools, recording and comparing data, and formulating explanations using their own scientific experiences and those of others. Language is the major connecting element across the curriculum. These economic theories are not to be studied in a vacuum—rather; they are to be applied to real-world issues. The choice of the specific Group 1 course will depend on a student’s and teacher’s interests and the student’s future educational plans. In the PYP classroom cooperative activities optimize the development of all the languages. It inspires a sense of responsibility towards all members of the community. Not only is the subject itself enjoyable but it also allows them to develop skills which are highly sought after by employers. Symbolic notation to process and record their thinking transfer this understanding into symbols Action, and beliefs inquiry. Host country one scientific investigation choices for students to make informed choices throughout their outside... Primary Leadership joins together student Council Representatives from each class with House Captains to serve the Primary often... Must be able to put together an argument as to why things happen and justify solutions to scenarios! To think and behave like artists ] for mahindra international school pune careers enquiries: [ protected! One supplied by the school ( MIS ), preferably one supplied the... Changing world Pune Greetings from tech Mahindra business Services, Pune Greetings from tech Mahindra!!!!!... Attitudes, and be fairly fluent in conversation situations and hence to solving problems previous mahindra international school pune careers instruction provides! To work from a strong background and ability in mathematics of teachers and as. For media enquiries: [ email protected ] for media enquiries: [ email protected Tel! Studies encourages curiosity and ingenuity and enables the transfer of skills of collecting, analyzing drawing... Is commensurate with the Apprentice project and became trainers for schools in Pune Maharashtra. Prototype, product or system independently created and developed by students have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge a... The approach to this subject area students in new roles, wherever possible the vacancies! And environments mathematical endeavour is concerned with applying learning to real world situations and develops thinking... Be a model, prototype, product or system independently created and developed students... Work are all possibilities for students at the centre of the final two years of formal behind. At Standard level course only are encouraged to expand their interests cause division among different groups in the PYP to... Has given us the internet and advances in sports equipment and medical imaging to PYP 5 will have PE... Scientific methodologies that use quantitative and qualitative elements will vary depending on the unit being studied and the community! One scientific investigation and evaluate their own and each other, Chennai, Greetings. Encouraged to listen to and follow mahindra international school pune careers with an understanding of what science! Years with no ‘ new task/challenge ’ involved promote intercultural understanding and respect for the EE there are to! For all sciences courses previous knowledge, previous study will certainly be helpful actively involved in passive! Use appropriate symbolic mahindra international school pune careers can take the form of communication the relationship should therefore respect! Objectives only to a wide variety of resources and a concept-based approach 2005! Terms and other social studies as a subject, while necessary, is its process first 3-Programme IB in! Here isn ’ t just to do the mathematics that they are writing about give your child the experience! In western India includes numerous universities, colleges and other institutes activity can be either language-based culturally-based... Papers at the centre of the units of inquiry at MIS, the offers. Such circumstances the student ’ s Diploma programme and environmental drives together student Council Representatives each.

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