Choose the appropriate state to find the scup regulations. 1 – Dec. 31. Porgies are scrappy fish that can snatch the bait without taking the hook. New Jersey 2019 Fluke, Seabass, and Porgy Regulations. Located in Brielle, NJ, right on the Southern tip of Monmouth County, 125' Jamaica is the Queen of the Fleet. Pier hours may be limited during periods of high wind or extreme weather. NJ Regulatory Update – Blackfish, Porgy, Fluke and Sea bass By Paul Haertel, JCAA Board Member/Past President At the New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council (NJMFC) meeting on 3/15/18, regulations for blackfish and porgies were set. The possession of fish other than menhaden is limited to no more than 500 pounds. PROHIBITED SPECIES. The New Jersey Department of Fish and Wildlife has posted notice that fluke regulations printed on page 12 of the 2014 Marine Digest are incorrect. the book contains a considerable amount of other information and … The state of New Jersey's official Web site is the gateway to NJ information and services for residents, visitors, and businesses. Announcing interim 2020 scup, black, sea bass, and bluefish specifications, and the 2020–2021 summer flounder specifications. Travelers and residents returning from any U.S. state or territory beyond the immediate region (New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware) should self-quarantine at their home, hotel, or other temporary lodging following recommendations from the CDC:. At this time, Porgy are not considered to be overfished. The following is a summary of recreational regulations on selected species applicable to federal waters (3 to 200 miles) off the New Jersey coastline as of this printing (February '12). For the most current regulations, go to or call the marine fish “listen-only” information line at (609) 292-2083. It is important to look carefully because the majority of the states in the Northeast have differing regulations for scup depending on an angler fishing from a party boat rather than a privately owned vessel. October 07, 2019. Red Drum: No minimum size, 27″ maximum size, no creel limit, no closed season Scup (Porgy) Whereas the standard creel limit for porgies throughout the season stands at 30 per day with a minimum size limit of 10 inches, the party and charter boat regulations are relaxed through this two month stretch to allow 45 per day (the size limit remains at 10 inches.) I went out kayak fishing trying to catch porgy and fluke/flounder. May 24–Sept. 26, 138 A. Statutes and Case Law. Where you should go: Shrewsbury Rocks has been providing fairly consistent porgy fishing, and the sizes are generally good. Ct. 1927); Boundary Fence Rules. Red Drum. 19″ None. They will rarely exceed two pounds. None. 883 (Sup. See the Marine edition of the NJ Fish & Wildlife Digest or Fish &Wildlife’s website for a completelist. None. Marine Recreational Fishing: Regulatory Terms and Additional Restrictions. A license suspension/revocation schedule exists for violation of authorized fishing areas. Listed below are the New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Regulations for 2013 as put out by NOAA Fisheries and the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife. The Bogan's have been fishing from Brielle since 1931. Other Species Possession Limit Total Length American Eel _________________25________________________9” Black Drum … Regulations for 2020. The following regulations apply to Banded Rudderfish in federal waters (3-200 nautical miles) off the coasts of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and East Florida. The following is a summary of the decompression algorithm described by Dr A.A. Buehlmann in the fourth edition of his book Tauchmedizin ( diving medicine ) published in 1995 ( only in German. ) No stakes, markers, buoys, cra b pots, lobster pots, fish pots, or staked shellfish grounds shall be disturbed by the act of fishing. 0-3 miles from shore, no closed season Greater than 3 miles from shore, closed All other marine waters, open Mar. Know the regulations before you fish! No travel on NJ Route 495 and the Holland Tunnel, New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway and the Atlantic City Expressway. Fishing Regulations . NJ Striped Bass Fishing Regs 1 Fish 28″ to less than 38″ Yes, All fish smaller than 28″ must be released and all fish 38″ or larger must be released. This information should be used only as a guide, since regulations are constantly being modified. She’s equipped with state of the art electronics and fully stocked with Shimano tackle for every species and fishery. There was better news on porgies as the ASMFC allowed us to increase our harvest by 59%. Any red drum greater than 27″ shall, without avoidable injury, be returned immediately to the water from which taken. NEW Regulations Are in Red. Equipment regulations were installed as well as fishing seasons. NJ Fishing Regulations Info 2018 NJ Freshwater Fishing Regulations Note: Ditto. No person shall possess any red drum greater than 27 inches measured from the tip of the snout to the end of the tail. When fishing in New Jersey, dressing in layers is almost always a good idea. New Jersey Recreational Fishing Seasons, Minimum Size and Possession Limits Regulations remain in effect until changed. 1, 79 A. 699 (Sup. To curb damage to the species, regulations have been put in place. Open Season: January 1 - … The 2020 Striped Bass & Bluefish regulations for recreational anglers fishing New Jersey take effect on April 1, 2020. Popular with anglers looking for Scup (Porgy) fishing charters in Rhode Island You’ll be fishing aboard their 32’ Mirage boat, which is powered by twin 300 HP Yamaha engines. For blackfish, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) required our state to reduce our harvest by 2%. Size. Hook the porgy by slowly raising the rod about 3 ft (0.91 m). The bag and size limits will remain the same, 50 fish at 9”. Year Round. New Jersey strongly discourages all non-essential interstate travel at this time. Now that you know where to go and which gear to use, get your state saltwater fishing license and check the current Atlantic Highlands Fishing NJ regulations. Previously our season was closed from March 1st to June 30th. Instead of yanking up on the rod when you feel a tug, pull up slowly to draw the fish onto the hook. 2018 NJ Saltwater Fishing Regulations Note: the 2018 regs remain in effect until 2019's are passed. None. Council members approved an open season of 365 days with a 50-fish daily bag limit and a minimum length of 9 inches. Access onto the I-95 section of the NJ Turnpike between Ridgefield and the George Washington Bridge (mp118 to mp 122) is only obtainable with permission of the Turnpike Authority, phone (732) 247-0900, extension 5429. Download or view the emergency regulation change requiring the use of an inline circle hook while using bait to fish for striped bass. Fluke. The adopted regulations set the minimum size at 15”, with a four fish bag limit from 1/1 – 2/28 and from 4/1-4/30. There will be a one fish bag limit from 8/1-11/15 and then a five fish bag limit from 11/16-12/31. News Initial 2020 Summer Flounder, Scup, Black Sea Bass, and Bluefish Commercial Quotas and Recreational Harvest Limits. This will result in New Jersey having a year-round season. Porgy can grow up to be 18 ½ inches in length, but most max out around 14 inches. New Jersey Fisheries Watch Updated Every Wednesday Spring Trout Stocking Underway MAFMC To Meet April 8-11 at Avalon >>More Fisheries Watch<< Fishing Regs. The big knockout win was for porgy (scup). Ct. 1911); Wegener v. Sugerman, 104 N.J.L. Porgy (Scup): 9″ minimum size, open all year, 30/angler, charter and open boat bag limit expands to 50/angler from September 1 – October 31. These include limits on size and bags. 125' Jamaica is NJ's largest party boat manned by an experienced captain and crew. Boundary Fences: New Jersey Statutes Title 4 Sections 20-1, 20-3, 20-7, and 20-9; Spite Fences: New Jersey local zoning ordinances; Tree Trimming: Ackerman v.Ellis, 81 N.J.L. With a bit of practice and background knowledge, anyone can be a porgy pro! Visit NOAA Fisheries for updated federal regulations. Following input from the Scup Monitoring Committee, the MAFMC, which met jointly today with the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) management boards, voted to increase the total allowable catch for scup (porgy) from this year’s 17.09 million pounds of quota to a catch of 24.1 million pounds in 2011.

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